Boardgame Competitions

Over the weekend we’ll be running some competitions.

Likely games; Scythe, Clans of Caledonia

The requirements for a competition to be held are:

16+ people interested and one copy of the game available per four players.

The game must return a result in 120-150 minutes and the result must give a position and a score to each player.

The format will be;

Two rounds of play, the second being seeded from the first, no player facing the same opponent twice.

A final of four players*

Round 1 will start at 10am

Round 2 at 1230/1300 depending on the game (all players will get at least a 20 min break)

The final will start at 1530 approx and be given +30 mins time.

Should 5 players go undefeated the final will be of 5 players unless the game prevents this.

If 6+ players are undefeated a 3rd round will be played (we believe this would require 25+ entrants which seems improbable)


There is no entry fee, the reward for winning will be a warm fuzzy feeling inside.